melissaFor last 20 years I have been testing psychics and medium. I’ve always maintained a journal of writing my best experiences. After my father passed away, I started using my supernatural capability to investigate the afterlife. That was the starting and till now I haven’t stopped researching on mediums, psychics and other forms of spiritual practitioners to find certain unknown answers. In the Osushi Boston magazine, which I’d started few years back, I share my experience as well as others so that you can have sessions that can change your life.

The magazine mainly focuses on spiritual articles. It also includes articles on angels, interpretation of dreams, paranormal activities, yearly predictions and many more. We also talk about love and relationships, families and career. Family is a very important aspect of one’s life. The most disturbances you get in your life also come from family. There are articles on family relationships, divorce and children which can help you correlate your experience with others and feel better. Same goes with marriage and love. In our every issue we try to take interview of an experienced psychic, addressing different problems and discussing their solutions.

Our writers are very knowledgeable on spiritual issues. The articles of this magazine are real and interesting. You will definitely find it amusing and helpful.

  • Melissa Barrow