The Ins and Outs of a Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can be described as a modern-day version of the age-old practice of divination, in the same way the phrase “psychic reader” is popularly applied to mean “fortune teller”. Throughout history, an interesting mix of seers, mystics, shamans, human oracles and clairvoyants have made their indelible mark, even advising and being consulted by emperors, kings, queens and even presidents.

Readers have extrasensory perception

A real psychic is a person who has extrasensory perception (also called ESP).  Such people are able to sense or ‘read’ things that most people are not able to pick. An ability like clairvoyance (ability to have or see visions and give a description of places and people) or clairaudience (‘hearing’ information from various paranormal sources) develops in different ways among psychics. As a result, many clairvoyants specialize in one or two methods in which they are most capable. They are therefore able to read what surrounds a person and how impeding events are likely to affect them in the same way tribal shamans could sense far-off visitors approaching. In the course of a spiritual reading, the reader’s goal is to tune the person and those closest to them. This way, they hope they can assist one to get an understanding of what is happening, and the most likely results of the upcoming events.

Multifarious skills and knowledge

However, a psychic reading is not only about paranormal powers. It is also about skill and knowledge. Many psychics use tarot cards for guidance, since the dreamy images on the cards are thought to contain specific readings. An experienced psychic reader can make an interpretation of these images and connect them to a person and their life story. The type of creative intuition required here is not a form of psychic ability; but many psychic readers are also clairvoyants- meaning they augment the information from tarot cards with inner visions. Other tools used include runes, playing cards and crystals which assist them to concentrate on the patterns and the potential of both the present and future circumstances of an individual. Due to their inherent empathy and sympathy with human nature, psychics also provide encouragement, reassurance and non-judgmental, honest counsel.

Spirits and mediums

Genuine psychic readings may also entail contact with spirits, and such readings are provided by people known as mediums. A medium is a person with the ability of contacting and channeling spirits of dead people or even animals .They believe that there is life after death, and therefore strive to offer people the proof that their spirits will survive in another world after death. This is a specialized form of reading, but some readers integrate this guidance of spirits with other methods like tarot reading. Other psychics apply a unique and personalized spirit guide to assist them in their tasks. Paranormal abilities are amazingly diverse in terms of skill, meaning the reading of one psychic will most likely be markedly different from that of another reader. Nevertheless, the information they provide should be largely similar, though some readers specialize in areas like love, spiritual counseling or career.


A psychic reading may surprise or even a astound person, but in the final analysis they help an individual connect with his or her higher self, and make the path ahead clearer. It is an intimate and unforgettable experience that can refresh one’s spirit and reawaken the determination to attain personal fulfillment in life. A person is advised to approach it with an open heart and mind, and be ready to be thoroughly fascinated.

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