Surefire Ways to Sharpen Your Psychic Abilities

You know you have been different than a lot of people in life. As a child, you played with imaginary friends that appeared to you as three- dimensional beings who had names and who you could describe in detail.

Your Mom thought it was great that you were playing ball outside with a girl your age named Nancy who wore black stockings with an old-fashioned white dress with puffy long sleeves. But you knew that she was real, lived in your house 100 years before, and that she died from influenza.

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You always hated crowds. You hated going to concerts or other large events because you could not shake all the negative, sad or upsetting feelings that you picked up off others. The energy was too much for a sensitive, empathic person like you to handle. Maybe you sense a friend is about to get engaged a month before her boyfriend surprises her with a proposal. Maybe you sense an earthquake is about to happen in Chile. One week later, the news reports confirm this has happened.

You know you have psychic abilities. But do you know how to hone your psychic abilities? Can you ever have more control over them?

The best way to hone your abilities is through meditation and exercises. Meditation is key because it helps you quiet your mind. Your aim with a 15-minute or half-hour meditation is to eliminate chatter so that your psychic impressions are clearer.

When you enter a meditative state you also enter an Alpha brain-wave state. This is where most psychic things occur. You will notice that as you practice you get into your Alpha state faster and easier. Your psychic abilities will improve.

As you work on meditating and listening to your impressions, you also need to learn how to decipher the symbols that you get. Your spirit guides can help you learn what your personal symbols are and how to interpret them. As you get better at meditating, begin using this time to meet and start working with your guides.

Work with a friend to create guessing-game type exercises to improve your skills. Have them sit in another room and draw a picture of an object. Simultaneously, you sit in the other room and draw what you feel they have drawn. As you practice, you will get more and more accurate at the impressions you get.

Being psychic is natural. Working to improve and sharpen your skills takes meditation, work and practice.

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